Great shows. Really takes me back to the formative years, and those stacks of 45s. A fan!
Kurt, Thank you and Bless you for 'takin me back'.. I am addicted to MUSIC... and you have it ALL right here! My old favorites and some new ones as well. I have shared this creative site with friends close by and those in Mexico. Morning, Noon, and especially Night....I'm listenin'..Thanks. Barbara

Good quality sound, best I've found. The soul that you must spread. Rich

Good job Kurt... recapturing those memorable years and the best of that era...Good choices Kurt... great selection!! Johnny Mack

I truly enjoy these shows and always look forward to your new ones. They have filled a void of what's missing in radio for me. DD

I really enjoy the shows, they are so much fun! These are some of my favorite old tunes...they truly take me back. I love it. Robin

TYB is as close to a time machine as I will get. Listening to the songs allows me to remember where I was in my life and what I was doing. I especially love the "Make Up To Break Up" show. Shae

Gee, I just wish you were close enough, I could listen to you LIVE! That would be terrific! You know, you'd have a #1 FAN! It was great to hear you say "Takin' Ya Back, with Kurt David"! It is so meaningful to hear the oldies, with YOUR commentary, someone I was there with!!! That's what I loved about the shows. Jean

One of the things I enjoy most about Takin' Ya Back is that it does just that. This music can literally take you back 20, 30 years...even more. Excellent selection of music, not the same overplayed most popular hits. It's nice to hear all of the music and not just the top 10 from the past years.
A wonderful variety of shows here, many categories to choose from-rock, soul even disco. They are all worth listening to - I personally didn't think I would like British Invasion because I figured it was just the Beatles and Rolling Stones - wrong - all kinds of good music from many different British groups.
This music makes you want to take the T-tops out of the Corvette and cruise. Kurt David is an excellent host, very interested in the music and well informed about the artists too. Guess what, there was other Disco music in the 70's besides the Bee Gee's and you get to hear it on these shows. Kurt David has that great radio voice that you don't hear alot these days. Michelle

TYB brought back memories that I'd almost forgotten about. Definitely the best Oldies Show around! Joel

Yesterday doesn't seem that long ago with Takin' Ya Back - if it's goodtime memories you need, then let Kurt David take you back! Kelly

Takin' Ya Back is a great show that has brought back alot of good memories for me, especially the 70's shows which refects some of the the best times of my life. Keep up the good work Kurt and we'll be listening. Jim

I love your station Kurt... I listen to your broadcast everyday while I'm at work and have recommended your station to all my friends. You speak the language of my heart. Pure and free. Thanks for takin' me back. Wina

Just came across TYB this morning. The late 60s and early 70s mirror my high school and college years so the music brings back lots of memories. The selection is GREAT...not just the Top 10 but lots of great songs I haven't heard in years! Thanks!! Dave

Great selection Kurt David, keep on rockin!! John

Thank you so much for "Takin' Us Back." My husband and I think your shows are wonderful and feature just the kind of music we enjoy - thanks for the hours of enjoyment. Gwen

I just wanted to let you know that I love all of your shows....especially the eighties music. I am looking forward to hearing more of it. Thanks for Takin' Me Back. Shellie

Your 60's Soul Classics Show is one of my favorites! Do More! A Fan

Hi Kurt - I just wanted to say thanks for making all the great shows. My mother and I have both really enjoyed them - and I hope you will make more shows from the 80's soon. Tiffany

Kurt, Great choices... you da man!! I enjoy listening to your show while I'm at work at Marshall Space Flight Center, in Huntsville, Alabama... makes me wish I was 18 again... hey, I almost am when I listen to your shows. Keep up the good work !! JMS

I really enjoy the shows and I believe others will as well. Joe

Thanks for the new shows....they are great....especially the Storytellers and Sirens. DK

I've listened to you all day today. It was wonderful. Thanks for all your work, what a joy!! Great collection of my favorites! Teri

I can't think of another time in my life when I felt compelled to write a media source a note of thanks, but the kick I get out of listening to your programming makes this necessary. I absolutely love the tunes. It makes working late into the night almost fun. Best, Dr. Keith H.

I love the songs, nice mix. Songs I grew up on. A Listener!

This is a classy show...well done. - An Ohio Listener

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